born in nigeria
By Natu Alioha

About this book

Cheta follows after his elder brother Ebuka to read a course in the university not endorsed by their domineering father. As a result, they lose their relationship with their father and home instantly becomes a choking atmosphere difficult to breathe in. University turns out to be nothing Cheta dreamed of. He spends two more years to graduate with an insignificant certificate. Cheta is distraught knowing that his certificate can’t get him a job in a country where a lot of things were going in the wrong direction. At this time too, his relationship with his girlfriend Ezinne suffers while she’s away at England. His father dies while trying to stop a Biafran agitator. Cheta’s only lifeline seems to be his talent for music, but he must find a way to get over numerous rejections and get his songs promoted in an industry which places low value on his genre of music. His heart also longs for a reunion with Ezinne after their breakup. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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