By Spoof Comics

About this book

Ismaila “Easy” Kazeem is an amateur boxer struggling to go pro. He gets desperate as the day go by with age running out on him and boxing being his only skill of note. In his desperation, he consults a voodoo witch doctor who gives a charmed arm band. The charm gets out of control and in his last bit fair conscience he decides to channel this new super ability into a course for public good. Hence, “Easy” becomes the most unlikely ghetto hero; this however, comes at a dire cost of endless peril on his life and those of his loved ones. He is fully aware of what he is up against but this new “Easy” gives him peace than the old. It’s “Easy” against the hood and throwing punches at evil has never been this nasty yet gratifying. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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