breasts of doom
By Yas Niger

About this book

A sad story, with a touching ending. It tells of a newly married village girl, coerced into coming to the city with her husband to do menial work during the dry season. In quick successive sequence of cruel happenings, she is starved, tricked and raped. Her husband beats and mysteriously disappears amidst a bloody civil unrest. She is lost in the huge city, begs for alms to feed, sleeps everywhere in the open and made strange friends. She discovers she is pregnant and couldn’t return to her village without her lost husband and pregnant for someone else. She had to live in a whore house when no one else would rent her a room. She is robbed and raped again, late into her pregnancy and she gave birth to a son on her own. Her only friends die and she almost lost her son in a fire. She got badly burnt and horribly disfigured. Amidst such suffering her son excelled in school and moved far away. The tale gradually unfolds with chapter opening quotes and poetry, drawing parallels with an ailed Nigerian federation, it handles a flawed state of nationhood and highlights the aging nation’s very own silent relationship with its own people, and their disdain for what made them anything special. It hints of their never ending and never ever accomplished ulterior desire to be something else, other than what they really are; mainly a country still failing at forging a statehood for itself. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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