brimstones and rainbows: memoirs of a child bride
By Ololade Akintoye

About this book

In this intriguing realistic fiction, Ruby, an orphaned child bride who suffered from obstetric fistula, a debilitating childbirth complication, became stigmatised and ostracised from her community. Having lost everything in the village of Ojiji, Ruby set out to the city of Eko on a path to healing and recovery and a chance to find what lies on the other side of the rainbow. "Ololade Akintoye shines a spotlight on child marriage, familial deception, emotional and physical abuse, as well as harmful traditional practices. Her novel is a poignant reminder of the many issues confronting women in a patriarchal society." Anietie Isong, author, Radio Sunrise. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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