Title: Broken Mirrors
Author: Tunde Leye
Category: Raw: Unpublished Works
Language: English
Price: ₦ 200
No. of Words: 60162
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  • Novel
  • Family

Tooooot! Tooooot! The trailer’s blaring horn cut rudely into Awazi’s thoughts. “Oh my days!” she exclaimed. Today, of all the immeasurable number of days in time, Lagos-Ibadan expressway had chosen to be the meeting point of the world union of traffic inducing demons. As her husband would say, the traffic tie wrapper, come wear bandana join dey dance atilogwu. Even a slither of water would not find its way through this bumper to bumper traffic mess, and expectedly, they had passed a generous sprinkling of vehicles that had coughed and given up whatever ghost cars possessed parked by the roadside. The one hour journey from Lagos to Ibadan on a normal day had taken them four hours today. And they had just barely gone past Ogere trailer park. Her only consolation was that her husband Derin had just changed his car. If it had been their old Honda, the air conditioning would have done nothing to alleviate the searing heat. She balanced in the rear seat (popularly called Owner’s Corner) of Derin’s new Kia Sportage jeep. The fact that this was an automatic transmission car also kept him in high spirits during the trip. Had it been their old manual transmission Honda, he would have been a grumpy grouch by now. Derin had done well for the family. He had finally made that move from his old generation, meager salary paying bank to an oil servicing firm whose name eluded her now. And voila, within a year of that move, they had been able to change the car, and had now moved away from Shomolu to finally go to that nice spot behind E-Center in the Sabo area of Lagos she had always wanted them to go to. Life was looking up. “Your ogo looks very knock-able from behind” she said, playfully rubbing his clean shaven head now. Derin laughed without taking his eyes off the road, trying to inch ahead of the minibus that was trying to reenter the road from the red sands of the patch between the road and the bush beside it. “You this Eggon woman from the bushes of Nassarawa wants to slap a full grown Yoruba man’s head. Abomination! We Ibadan men require the liver of a male snail as sacrifice for such atrocities o.”...see what happened next...
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  • AmarachiAnneOsonwanne Nice book. Have you read mine? " A simple guide to being a beauty queen." Search for it and enjoy.

    Reply Feb 4, 2018 10:01:50 PM
  • missaphua love very good book

    Reply Jan 1, 2018 3:26:36 PM
  • virtuousi I'm in love???????????? Tunde Leye, we should meet. I need to act like a crazy fan in real life

    Reply Oct 30, 2017 6:44:39 AM
  • Mizsylviah1 SUPERB Totally love this

    Reply Oct 4, 2017 11:20:13 PM
  • PEGgilicious Tunde Leye, u are a legendary in the skill of writing... in less than 24 hours i have read 3 of your books, All i just want to say is: "God would continue to bless you and may your ink never go dry..."

    Reply Sep 22, 2017 9:14:19 PM