burning spear :rise of the goddess okinja part one
By Ochenika S. k

About this book

There are four worlds :The human world, the spirits world, the god world and the dwellers of the lake of fire. The worlds will all fall if black magic is revived. Órunmila has brought a prophecy the burning spear is a human. The spirit's world is under attack, the beautiful young Queen have failed in bringing the burning spear now their world is on the brink of extinction..... no more spirits Never has it been heard that a dweller escaped from the lake of fire...but black magic is alive again Òya the great goddess is about to go back on her words to save the spirit's world can Sangó help her? Okinja they say is a myth only the burning spear straight from Olorun can be stable on all abilities of the four worlds but Okinja is a goddess, and more In the midst of commotion only one person knows the tricks of the game he is Anansi the same one you know 'The mischievous one' Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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