candles in the dark
By Elisha Bala, Patience Agada and Samson Abanni

About this book

The book in your hands is a treasure. It has the ability to light up a dark world and illuminate a heart that is shattered and glooms in ruins. The words herein are sacred and healable. The lines were intentionally built layer by layer. Each poem is a candle that brightens a cloudy soul and brings sweet tunes of eternal melodies to every broken spirit. The three poets that authored the book, Elisha 'EB' Bala, Patience Agada (Wordsdiva), and Samson Abanni all hail from Africa, in the heart of Nigeria. They are gifted wordsmiths and are notable for their works and consistency in the world of art. Their contributions to ART cannot be overemphasized over these past few years. (Find their short bios at the back of the book). As you engage this book you are holding, open your heart and mind and spirit. Get ready to be lightened. Get ready. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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