carrying his baby (preview)
By Rebecca David

About this book

*Preview only* Purchase full book to read completely. Rebecca is a 21 years old girl who has had a hard life, she moves to America to stay with her aunt who promised to take care of her but turns out to be her worst nightmare. She runs away and ends up living on the streets. Caught in the web of peer pressure, she makes the worst mistake of her life, becoming a prostitute, and sleeping with a stranger. Weeks later she finds out she's carrying his baby. Jaxon is a 24 years old billionaire/ player who has been haunted by the thought of a particular brown skinned girl he met at the club. Almost three years later, he finds out he is the father of her son and does everything to make sure he gets what belongs to him : his baby and his woman even if its through marriage. Now with his dad pressuring him to get a new wife or lose the company he seizes the opportunity to make her his wife, have his son, and his company all at once. Easy right?That's what he thinks until feelings and emotions get involved. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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