cascades: 20 poems for 20 years
By Okey Uzoechina

About this book

Okey enjoys writing—creative writing, research and analytical, or just for fun. Writing is his best friend and ally at work, at play, and for reflection. He has a distinctive flowing style. Okey was born in Onitsha, Nigeria in March 1981. He is also a lawyer, a teacher and an entrepreneur. He loves to capture beautiful moments of joy and wonder through poetry and travel photography. Cascades is an attempt to capture some of his flowing feelings expressed in writing. The collection of 20 poems is published in commemoration of 20 years since he started writing poetry. Cascades embraces a rainbow of emotions like joy, love, hope, beauty, wonder, faith and soul searching. It covers two decades of expressing emotions in writing from his university days in Enugu, Nigeria, through his work travels to many parts of Africa, Europe and America, to his current abode in Abuja, Nigeria. It is divided into four parts and is dedicated to Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. Free PDF copy available online! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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