choose me ~ a sweet & steamy romance
By Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

About this book

~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel: Love for real ~ “Can I massage your sexy muscles?” When Vlogger, Jayla King scorned by love in the past directs her flirty question to the guy with a toned butt, bewitching blue eyes and chiselled muscles, she has no idea who he is or what he is after. He is over-the-line hot, period! Although arrogant, he is a luxury white chocolate bar laced with rum. When he counters with a series of questions, she becomes suspicious of his motives and backs away! But she stays long enough to find out his dark side… Now she knows the road to his New Orleans mansion will lead to nowhere… “If you take off your nose ring,” he raised one full dark eyebrow. “I might oblige you.” Cocky and living a great lifestyle while putting the dark times behind, along with his narrow-minded family, New Orleans mansion owner, James Lincoln replies with a cheeky question when YouTuber, Jayla disrupts his morning. He should have ignored her and walked on. Instead, his fantasy becomes reality when the woman with breath-taking laughter, sun-glazed skin and a sinfully-sweet curvy booty flips on his heart switch like no other woman. When he offers her more than she asks for, she spits out the loudest, ‘NO’ on the planet! Yet, she drives him out of his mind. The moment he finds out her dirty secret, she brings out the worst in him. “We’re done, Jayla!” He doesn’t need a fairy-tale ending now, or ever! He is better off without her belly pouch, flabby arms and stretch-marked cleavage anyway until a freaking incident… As his expectation comes crashing down, will James walk away for good, or will he and Jayla choose each other? ~ From the Author of Bestselling Romance: Longing for You – A BWWM Sweet & Steamy Romance ~ Check out my book merch: ----------------------------- Read a Snippet from Choose Me: James watched the fruity juice stain the corners of Jayla’s lips. Despite the severe talk he had with himself before the evening began, he lunged forward, cupped Jayla’s neck with one hand and meshed her lips with his own. With his tongue, he wiped the sweet goo around her lips, pushed further inside her mouth, hoping to make her feel all the emotions charging through him. Folding her hands around his neck as she moaned, she fried his tongue with hers. Jayla stroked and stoked flames inside his mouth, steering a storm down south. While her head fell back, he padded her nape with one hand until she laid on the rug and he pressed his chest over her cleavage. With his body heating up fast, he brushed his hand past the keyhole of her dress to mould his fingers around her boobs. Her soft flesh scalded his fingers. When he ached to the point his body vibrated, he rolled off her body. “I’m taking you home, Jayla.” “Why is that?” “Don’t ask.” “Why not, James?” “I didn’t want to lure you into my bed. That would be too obvious. So, I’m going to stop.” When he stood and helped her to her feet, he saw her lips tremble as she pulled down her dress. Tonight, he had deepened his grip on her mind and body. She craved his stare. More than that, she yearned for one more kiss, or two. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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