chop liver: getting life right the first time
By Faith Ada Ochelle

About this book

What is your plan? Planning is everything. Please write that that plan and do whatever is in your power to move that plan forward. Daily. Break it into chunks of time, within which you have to place goals that must be achieved to make the greater personal plan viable. Be true to yourself. Be real with yourself. Shake off peer pressure. Acknowledge where you lost it and retrace your steps. Whatever you do, never tailor your life to lead someone else’s description of how they think your life should be. Never be ashamed of yourself. You are a work in progress. Build your tribe. You need a tribe of people to walk through life. Refuse to believe the lie that everyone around you is selfish, manipulative, self-absorbed and only out to get something from you. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect but that’s no excuse to shut everyone out. Constantly rub minds with people of all ages who have been on the same journey you want to embark on longer than you have. Security alert. Guard your personal space. You need to violently guard your heart. Your whole existence depends on it. Your personal peace rests on it. It’s better to be alone than be in a group of vicious, empty soulless people. Train yourself to love your own company. Not everyone has to like you. Deal with it. We are just not wired to respond to everybody positively. So do not take people that relate to you negatively much to heart. Silence your inner critic (that we all have) and stop treating yourself worse than you treat others. Hold yourself to a high standard and be excellent in all your signature is on. But know that this is not a guarantee that you will make their gold standard and enter their own hall of fame. Set goals. Push. Conquer. See it for yourself. Picture it in your mind. Can you see yourself in that position? You have to invest more in believing in your dream for yourself. Bottom line is to enjoy the journey from where you are, to where you want to be at because life is not a sprint but a marathon. Also, remember the main goal is to avoid a life of regret. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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