cistern of treasures
By Ogaga Eruteya

About this book

Come what may, to watch and to pray is what I will chase Why should I run, from where I can turn to get grace for my case? Why should I wander from the place of power because of a fleeting phase? Is it not to be stronger that many people seek after? ‘Tis what I will chase! May not be popular desire But to keep the fire, is what I will chase This and the other poems in this book are not your usual flowery language poetry. They seek to speak to you, in simple, accessible language about the realities of our life and our world. Some are inspirational, motivational, insightful, witty and funny; while some others are serious and instructive. But here’s the deal, each one has a clear and deep message that you can reflect upon; each one is rich in meaning. Like you, I also like variety. And that’s why these poems come in various forms. From rhymes to free-verse and prose poetry, everyone’s covered. Although I have written with a tint of Christian perspective, the topics this collection cover, resonates with every one of us and you should find it a worthy read. So, ready to roll? Why not, let’s go. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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