common sense should be common
By Seun Ogunmola

About this book

This book is a compilation of short satirical stories aimed at commonizing common sense in our society. I shook plenty tables in this book but not to worry, the tables are not broken. Why Satire You may ask.. You see, the world is already a very complex place, there is no point making it more complex. More over, we already have the likes of Patrick Obiaghon and Chris Okotie who can speak for 10 minutes and You might not understand one line of whatever it is they were saying. We don’t need more grammarians. We need folks who can put complex stuff in simple “linguas” that we all can understand whether we have a PhD or a “je le o simi” certificate. Also, the AYs and Basketmouths of this world are thriving in their space so why can’t we leverage on their core capabilities whilst still ensuring we pass the serious message we want to pass across without adulteration. With that said, dive neck deep into the book already.. Let's commonize common sense. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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