confessions of a kenyan uber taxi driver
By Charles Chanchori

About this book

A short story about Daniel, a taxi driver based in Nairobi, Kenya, who lives a fairly normal life. On what started out as a typical day at work, he is subtly coerced into taking another trip even though it was late. One last cab ride on a chilly night and he will be done for the day, or so he thought... This is no ordinary passenger; there is a certain sharpness in his voice that instills fear. Is he a soldier? A criminal? Or worse...? This was the ride of Daniel's life. In a trip that seems like forever, Daniel's perspective on life is abruptly changed when he and the passenger have a very important conversation. *Rated Top Downloaded Book of May and June 2018 on OkadaBooks. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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