convincing cate
By TM David-West

About this book

Prequel is: The Pearl Ring *** With the pearl ring found and her fairy godmother’s gift cashed in, Cate is proudly the owner of the deliciously new Catie’s Sweet Treats. Life was all around perfect—her best friend was married and ecstatically happy; her mother was content being Mrs Temitope Edwin-Maurice, and she was even on friendly terms with the ‘stalker-like’ Detective Calvin Vaikosen. For Cate, everything was as it should be and nothing should sway the balance. But not for the poor Detective. Calvin’s attraction for the beautiful, humorous and spirited pastry chef was growing in bounds and leap. And whilst that should be super-duper news for any heart willing to love, Calvin has to first convince Cate that giving love a chance wasn’t such a bad thing… and convincing her won’t be easy with the vindictive Inspector Nike Adeyemi hanging around to thwart his every effort. Convincing Cate is the second novella in the Calvin and Cate Trilogy. **BOOK 1: THE PEARL RING **here at the Store** Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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