crimson night
By Obehi Dibua

About this book

She shook his hand off. “What are you talking about? Jackal, spotter, witch? You’re not making sense.” She thought about what he said. She thought about how he said he’d been drawn to her, not because he liked her, but because he believed that she was marked. Set in a world filled with “marked” individuals, this novel follows Osezele, a thirteen-year old girl discovering her uniqueness amid the turmoils of a Nigerian boarding school. Osezele finds herself at the crest of great despair, bogged down by the weight of loneliness and dereliction. At this lowest point of her young life, her eyes are opened to a secret world, barely hidden beneath the surface. She finds acceptance in this world of the marked and the young man who introduced her to it all. Within the strict discipline of her school, Osezele makes the daring leap for friendship and belonging among students like herself, who were marked from birth. Right when her life seems to have taken a turn, the thing that changed everything for her becomes the very thing threatening to destroy the steady ground on which she stands. It was as if she knew that the moment she read it, nothing would be the same. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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