crimson veil
By Deborah Atteh

About this book

Love, trust and loyalty are the foundations of any strong family unit. But these qualities are shattered when Ope and her family are dragged through the intricacies of blood and carnage characterised by terrorist activities in Nigeria. By a turn of events set in place even before she was born, Ope finds herself forced away from home and working for a gang of saboteurs largely responsible for terrorist attacks in the country. When she tries to make things right by putting a small dent in the game of sabotage, she finds herself pitted against indomitable odds, shrouded in even more secrecy and mystery, covered in the blood of the thousands of victims of terrorism across the nation. What follows is a dance that involves the very people she had vowed to hate for life for their betrayal seven years ago; her father, her mother, her sister and especially James Odeh, her childhood sweetheart and neighbour. This dance is all the more intriguing for the lies, mystery and secrecy it is shrouded in. Now Ope must focus her energies on averting attacks on her family, while trying to fish out that family member who was purposely forking out moneys to fund terrorism in Nigeria. Everybody is a suspect until she has to work with Philip, the SSS agent who of course, has a plan. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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