By Segun Ogundeko

About this book

In modern Nigeria, riddled with its fair share of poverty, cyber crime offers a fast route to success. So, when nerdy Kenny and his friends are admitted into the university, they face a new type of peer oppression: super rich cyber criminals. Motivated by this, Kenny and his friends spin their own web of digital deception, aided with online gadgetry, and a little bit of African voodoo. As the friends move on in their new-found glamorous life; Mr. Canty, their first and wrecked victim is taken to a Louisiana Spiritualist by his daughters. The Spiritualist heals and delivers Canty from the alleged voodoo spell-- with a mysterious prophecy: The Nigerian scammers who ruined Canty will now be cursed by their own black magic. Enter gullible 'Fat' Tyrone Murphy, a mafia associate defrauded of mob money, and it's not long before Italian-American mobsters come after the friends with silenced berettas humming-- causing deaths, betrayal, madness, and the revelation that one among the friends is infected with a deadly virus. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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