By Akanbi O. Rhoda ( Zoe)

About this book

Life is a voyage, and you can only define in retrospect. Who could discern the dart that would hit the bull's-eye, the cigarette that triggered cancer problems, or the sip of liquor that started drunkenness. There's no arithmetic to living— no one could mark the distinct thin-line methodologies of life. Cycles is a compilation of lofty poems inspired by the personal fluctuating un-arithmetic experiences of life and love — the actuality, the flux, the circles of it._ _Aimed at expressing the beautiful and the ugly, the melancholic along with the ecstatic perceptions to the theme. Journey with this poetic genuis while she sails, gracefully, intellectually ferrying without restrictions into this voyage — the cycles of life and love. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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