dangerous move
By Nky Omeka

About this book

After going through a bitter divorce from her husband, Dr. Chuka Obunike, Debisi has learnt to live without him and has spent the last decade rebuilding her life. She’s presently in a new relationship and everything is perfect until their son is arrested. Debisi and Chuka must work together to ensure that their son doesn’t go to prison. Working closely with Chuka is igniting those old flames and an affair is imminent. Debisi commits to this affair for a reason, becoming the other woman. She never anticipates a proposal from Chuka begging her to remarry him. Why does Chuka want her back? How is she going to deal with Chuka’s psychopathic wife, Ofunne, who is still very much in the picture? To tackle this unsettling issue, Debisi delves into her past, recalling every incident that happened in her marriage leading up to the divorce. Does Chuka deserve a second chance or is Debisi set for another dangerous move? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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