dare to step
By Femi Kupoluyi

About this book

Dare to Step is a must-read for everyone. It was written as a motivational, but the fact that the Author employs some form of narrations featuring beautiful parables, true-life stories, some biographies and life experiences makes it a highly engaging book to read. Of high interest to any reader will be the Treasure Hunt Game featured in the book. The game was designed by the Author to demonstrate the likelihood of success between the novice and the knowledgeable and their experience at various stages of exposure. Dare to Step showcases proven steps to success in a very unique way. However, because the book was not written to make readers live in a fool's paradise, it demonstrates the reality of human limitations by highlighting them as inevitable stepping stones in the success journey. The book takes you through an amazing process of self-discovery with its Twenty-Five Model Questions. Overall, Dare to Step is highly motivating and interesting. It is a book that every reader will want to recommend. GET A COPY NOW!!! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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