darling, i need your corpse (mike sanse mysteries #3)
By Anthony Mugo

About this book

When a decapitated body is found Diana Ciuri identifies it as that of her husband who went missing two days ago. Oscar Ciuri happens to be a popular candidate in the oncoming elections. Senior Detective Cosmas Pai and Senior Detective Mike Sanse fell apart when the latter pointed his gun at the former. Pai transferred to Kathare to distance himself from Sanse. Sanse has since lost his job to become a private investigator in Kathare. He has information that could cost Pai his job. And now Pai’s boss wants the two men to be partners all over again. The two rivals must find a common ground and find Oscar Ciuri’s killer before his mad supporters burn down the town. Just when the two think they have it figured out another body surfaces… Darling... I Need Your Corpse is the second book in the Mike Sanse Murder Mysteries. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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