deafening silence
By Stephanie Chizoba Odili

About this book

The novel starts off with a 14 year old teenager who is spending her summer in London and enjoying her holiday before going back to her county Nigeria when she meets a British woman on a train ride that sparks her interest. The woman had previously lived in Nigeria during the Nigerian-Biafran civil war. The teenager, Adaugo, goes on to ask questions trying to connect the dots of stories she has heard and events she has witnessed. She feels called by destiny to change her country and has series of dreams to make her believe so. She is of the belief that understanding of her history will help her presently shape the future. And so that is where her search and thirst for the history of Nigeria starts. Years later she embarks on an odyssey to Enugu which used to be the capital of the former Republic of Biafra to visit her grandmother. Her grandmother lived through the war and has devastating stories of death, pain and loneliness which she later shares. During her stay in Enugu,Adaugo witnesses and encounters events that strongly reshapes her opinion that Nigeria is sick and she has been given the power to heal. The more she carried this vision at heart, the more she persevered until eventually she sat at the feet of her grandmother for the story of the war. The story to her symbolizes a means to understand the past and know what actions she should take in saving her country. It is a patriotic story embellished with war, sacrifice and destiny finding. It portrays the similarities ad strengths ofAdaugo, Diana, and Adaugo’s grandmother. Simply put, it is a story where the past and the future merge to meet us. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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