dear king
By Abigail Anaba

About this book

With the systematic spread of misandry and anti-male sentiments passed off as ‘feminism’, Dear King is written as a #LetterToSons which gives practical advice to help men and boys navigate the troubled waters called ‘ life in the 21st century’. Men are debased and shamed for being masculine. The inherent biological traits that differentiate men from women are labelled toxic. For these reasons, a book that addresses principles that will provide guidance for men and young boys becomes a necessity. Dear King is a heartfelt compilation of seven letters and seventeen principles from a mother determined to give her sons the best direction possible.The book is premised on proven neurological distinctions between men and women which give rise to psychological and emotional differences. Therefore, it explains why these ‘gender’ differences should count in present day conversations. It is a letter to sons that emphasises stoicism, chivalry and empathy. Dear King is written as a manual to help parents raise first rate sons. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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