defeating covid-19
By Efe Uwuseba

About this book

Knowledge is power. Reading this book is the easiest way to defeat COVID-19. By clicking to access this manuscript, you have taken a great step to make sure the coronavirus does not get to you and your house. The author examines the scientific, social, and spiritual dimensions of COVID-19, and gives you the common sense tools needed to remain untouched by the disease. Understanding the information contained in this book is your guarantee to stay healthy. While people are being infected with the coronavirus everywhere, you can be an exception. Practicing basic hygiene, and taking advantage of the tools outlined in this write-up will keep you safe from the coronavirus pandemic. It is said, ''common sense is not common''. The counsels contained herein are so simple, yet so powerful. This is a well-researched document that touches every part of the disease. It shows you among other things, the general guidelines for differentiating the common flu from COVID-19. It also gives the percentage risk of dying for different age groups when COVID-19 is contracted. Also explained is how boosting your immunity is your natural defense mechanism against viral infections. The icing of the cake is the section that shows you how to obtain the kind of faith that confers on you spiritual immunity from the COVID-19 disease. There are eight exciting chapters in this book, full of relevant knowledge. This is your moment. Don't delay. Click buy and access this goldmine of information to stay healthy. Follow the simple steps below to enjoy this immensely valuable book 1 Click Buy - sign-in form pops up 2 If no account (new to okada books) Click Create Account 3 Enter a username, email, phone number, and password. Then Click Register 4 Click Buy - Account Refill page pops up 5 Pay with your preferred means e.g Mastercard etc 6 Then Click Buy 7 Then Click Start Reading Kindly leave us a review after reading. God bless you. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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