By Roland Abah

About this book

This is a fascinating story of love with a wonderful ending. It is carefully crafted to attract the minds of young people desirous of acquiring an education about life’s challenges and acting on it. This is why ‘Desires’ is a must read. It defrays the apprehension attached to dealing with other people and demystifies the fear of embracing the challenges of life. Above all, it is an education about making the right decisions about one of the deepest desires of young minds, which is the yearning for love. There is no doubt that the yearning for love shapes the life of many young people. It is the desire of the author that all young minds that read this book make the right decisions concerning relationships, love, and sex. Securing your future by making the right decisions is paramount. What kind of future do you think Ken would have? What kind of future do you wish to have? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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