the president's daughter
By Abigail Anaba

About this book

What would you do if the life of your precious daughter depended on stealing a mask from the most fortified museum in the world? Abigail Anaba, author of SectorIV returns with this historical political drama, The President's Daughter. This thriller is weaved around Angela Goodmans, the president's daughter, whose life hangs in the balance. Her father must break the Iyoba's curse - the curse that ensures that the second child of any descendant of a Bini Queen's little husband will die unless they perform the required rituals. But Queen Idia's pendant was taken in 1897 and now resides in the London Historical Museum - the Fort Knox of art pieces. The British authorities will not let go of the mask, but President Goodmans is determined to get the rituals done. Will an embarrassing family secret and his political office get in the way of saving his daughter? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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