the fixer
By Maxim Kanebi

About this book

Anthony Walter, a struggling lawyer managing his small chamber, is threatened with blackmail that would ruin his life and family. He is forced to make a deal with The Fixer, a man with a deadly reputation in his state. The Fixer promises to help but says Tony would forever be indebted to him. With the desperation of Esau, Tony signed his soul away. This deal leads Tony to life-changing events, which culminates with him ending up as governor of his state. For a while, things seem to be fine. But over the years, Tony had come to understand The Fixer. He knows The Fixer would feel threatened by his ever-growing power and would come for his head. If he ever wanted to be free from the hold of The Fixer, he had to strike first. He had to strike hard... Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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