detour to glory - adult only (18+)
By Desola Ogunmuyiwa

About this book

There is greatness in every man and a destination where he is shown forth to be a glorious man. But more often than not, the road to glory isn't as smooth or direct as we would want it to be. The journey sometime takes us through unanticipated paths and often turns out to be farther than imagined. These detours are usual occurrences in life and they can occur in form of delays, disappointments, heartbreaks, etc. Sometimes detour occur to cub a havoc that is waiting to happen or influence the good that would happen. The important thing is not whether or not we go through detours. What matters is whether we get to our place of glorification and that largely depends on how we handle our detour experiences. This book shows how best to respond and triumph when we experience detours through the biblical story of Joseph.

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