diamond & dust - the sequel to 'failed woman'
By Tealson Taylor

About this book

Life is full of highs and lows, and four friends—Rudy, Morgan, Alex, and Ola, are about to face their lowest lows amid their highest highs. After losing her two daughters in a fatal car crash, Rudy ends her loveless marriage. But just when she thinks the worst is over, she will be confronted by a loss that truly shakes her to the core. Morgan, on the other hand, is still recovering from the shock of her husband’s affair with her friend, Alex, and is doing her best to settle into life as the single-mother of an adopted daughter. Unfortunately, life does not think it has dealt her enough blows yet, and will stretch its prying claws to snatch her sweetest joy. Then there is Alex, who abdicates her throne as the CEO of a reputable hospital to follow her passion—leading a non-profit organization in its quest to build schools all around the world. While on this adventure, she garners her third engagement ring and begins to plan her dream wedding and life. But a wild discovery will leave her feeling not so sure anymore. And last, but not the least, is Ola whose dream of being a published writer has not only come true, but catapults her into the same economic class as her M.D. friends. While eager to partake in the champagne lifestyle, she begins to take the invaluable things in her life for granted. However, a grave incident will startle and bring her back to earth. Following the turbulent lives of these women in Diamond & Dust, we will discover if they are able to make palatable lemonades from the tart lemons life gives them. Diamond & Dust is a novel about the power of forgiveness and perseverance. It is Tealson Taylor’s second book. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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