do something!
By Ike Amadi

About this book

Many a time people pick up inspirational books but leave them off mid-way, either because they are always written in very serious language or because you cannot relate to the examples given in such books. Do Something! is not your regular inspirational book. It is a book which is very realistically grounded and provides everyday examples of what people can relate to, and it shows them how to apply the Do Something principle. A principle which teaches that one must do well to improve himself so as to positively contribute to his family, community and society at large. This book is laden with truth that will motivate you to see possibility in every seemingly impossible situation It also starts from the ground up – it covers the basics – in the sense that no matter what point someone is in their life when they read the book, they can always take something from it. It maybe a different perspective to solving a problem or the realization of of the significance of their actions. Ike Amadi has combined his passion for productivity with his experience in public speaking thus providing us with a palatable mixture of passion and pleasure. Do Something has one motive: to show you how to convert the theory you know into practice! It a book you will not put down until you have finished it. Praise For The Book: "This book challenged me to consider tackling some issues that I had made a conscious decision of not pursuing. It also made me think of people in my life that I know will benefit (I know many other people will do too) in one way or the other from the things in the book so I gave it to my sister to read and my cousin is waiting to also read it." - Abigail Mshelbwala, United Kingdom There are so many things I wanna say, but in a nut shell “thank you” – a very small but significant word and not everybody says it from their heart…This book is amazing. And in short, you are a wonderful person. - Rehginah Davis I Just finished reading the ‘Do Something’ book and I was touched…I wept. - Jenny Oriakwu, Moscow Ok ,I’m from Zimbabwe. I just finished your book “Do Something!”. I have three words to describe It ,..”It’s really great”. - Eldridge (Moscow) I was reading your book and I must confess that its great, encouraging and inspiring!!! It is a wonderful book Ike!!! You are gifted, Blessed and talanted! You are a role model and blessing to many people…continue doing great things!! - Dorothy Okutoyi, Russia I finished reading my copy of “Do Something” today. It has been a glorious and challenging experience. This is a book I’m not reading for the last time. - Chalomba Chitanika, Russia Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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