By Eturuvie Erebor

About this book

A most unlikely pair! She was raised like royalty to marry royalty. He was raised on the streets… The first time Ede Ezomo meets Sato Ihaza, there’s an instant attraction. But he is hesitant to pursue a relationship with her and rebuffs her sexual overtures. In retaliation for her embarrassment, she makes an unforgivable accusation that not only destroys their burgeoning friendship, but any chance of a future between them. Ten years later, while vying to marry the newly crowned Oba of Benin, she meets Sato again and realises that nothing has changed – she still wants him. But her past error has neither been forgotten nor forgiven. Sato treats her with all the disdain he can muster. How does she assure him of her remorse? How can she convince him that she won’t hurt him again? And how does she begin to persuade her snobbish father that she will have the king’s bodyguard instead of the king? Sato always believed Ede to be out of his league and has reservations about her intentions. Therefore, he will guard his heart with the same precision with which he protects the king. Can the pair overcome their past to build a future together? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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