emeka's money
By Onyinye Ough

About this book

Emeka was a good man, and tried to do good things for the people he liked. Emeka worked for a State Governor in Nigeria. Although he had good intentions of using his power to help his friends and family, he learns that using public office and funds to make those close to him happy can actually harm the people in his State. Emeka’s Money is a modern parable designed for children aged six to ten years old to help them understand the impact that corruption has within Nigerian society. Written by anti-corruption and service delivery expert Onyinye Ough and illustrated by Adeniyi Odeleye, this is the perfect book for African parents to teach their children about the impact of corruption. The book aims to encourage a new generation of leaders to change how things are done on the continent. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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