emerge! - like a lotus in the pond
By Shobowale Lukman

About this book

Until David asked me to do a review of his brilliant book, I really didn't realize how little I knew about the LOTUS; as much as I had admired the beautiful flower that seems to dance and float on many ponds that I have seen in Nigeria and around the world. So I decided to do a little research on the lotus. What I found most interesting is that the lotus starts its journey not on the surface of the waters but deep beneath in the Floor-Bed of the pond. Overtime, the lotus plants its roots deep in the floor-beds and once its roots are strong enough, the lotus begins to go in search of the sunrays that pierce through the mass of water that literally buries the plant. What keeps that lotus growing are those 12 hours of sunrays that pierce through the waters everyday; and as the lotus keeps reaching towards the sun, it begins to grow out of the depth of water that attempted to drown it all its life. One day, the lotus breaks forth out of the depths of the pond and emerges into the surface. Most of us see the lotus for the first time after it has emerged and we sometimes wonder how such a beautiful plant found its way on top of the waters. The conventional wisdom is that flowers are planted on the soil. However, the mystery of the lotus is how it gets planted on the water. The simple answer is this - like every other plant, the lotus is planted on soil; it is just soil that is buried under water. What is most outstanding about the lotus is that it does not accept its disadvantaged starting point of being buried under water, but in its pursuit of light, it finally breaks through everything that submerged it until it emerges into full world view to display its BEAUTY AND POTENTIAL. Reading through David's story, I realize just how apt the comparison with the lotus is. Coming from a disadvantaged background, yet with royalty in his DNA, and through a dogged pursuit of the light of education, David has emerged into the limelight of youth leadership; not only as a notable scholar and president of the UNILORIN student union, but also being voted as the best student union leader in Nigeria for the year 2017. What makes this recognition most prestigious is that he was voted best student union leader by his peer group of other student union leaders all across the country. Now that is amazing! It is his display of exceptional excellence in spite of every reason to have given up and thrown in the towel that made me accept to do the review of this book and to commend this book to you in the most glorying terms. Like David, I hope that each and every one of us can defy the many challenges that may seek to bury the great potentials that we carry within. Like the lotus, I wish that we all find that dream… that idea, that vision, that hope, that inspires us enough to reach for it regardless of whatever overwhelms us and seeks to submerge our potential. And as we reach for that dream, we are guaranteed to grow every day, until the day that the world 'discovers' us only to realize that we have always been there; submerged but growing, until we finally emerged. Keep growing until you emerge!!! - Fela Durotoye Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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