enchanted: volume one | halloween anthology
By Emem Bassey, Lauri Kubuitsile, Michele Sims, Obinna Obioma, Love Africa Press

About this book

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE book when you buy a copy of Enchanted: Volume One (Free ebook Enemy Call by Emem Bassey) Email with copy of receipt. BLURB: Be enchanted. These handpicked tales of African deities and daemons, shamans and shape-shifters will keep you spellbound page after page. FEATURED STORIES BOND CALL by Emem Bassey Sese vehemently rejects the mating heat to a non-warrior like Urua. Suddenly, imbued with powers of a diviner, he stands as the only hope and defender of Abedeng people. Will Urua relinquish his hurt to save his mate? Will he submit to the bond call and take her back despite her betrayal? NIGHT MOVES by Lauri Kubuitsile When Lesedi discovers that her boyfriend of two years is cheating on her, she is done with crappy relationships and men. She soon starts getting a nightly visitor who does the most amazing things, fulfilling all her sensual fantasies. However could the thokolosi have a more sinister intention for her? RETURN TO LAGOS by Michele Sims From the looks of her, Winnie seems to have it all: fame, wealth, beauty, friends and a dashing and successful fiancé. It’s what is lying beneath the surface that drives Winnie’s life and career: the devastating loss of her family, the increasing demands of her career and the fact that she has to reveal all of this to her future husband, who also harbors a secret of his own. SHE CALLED HIM GOD by Obinna Obioma Snatched of a father's love at such a tender stage in life, Asari feels the betrayal of the gods. He leads a loveless, rigid and faithless life; until he unwittingly walks into the Sacred Circle of the same gods he holds in disdain and incurs their wrath. Assuming the mortal form, Altheme sets out to make Asari fall in love. But the terrestrial realm is riddled with unforeseen challenges. Can love truly conquer all? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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