everyone hates the english
By Yas Niger

About this book

Everyone hates something that displeases them. It is in the human nature to be annoyed by certain aspects of life, by individuals or groups. People tend to habitually associate exhibited characteristics with specific persons that make them unhappy. It is conventional for one group to be dissatisfied with another they regard as different. Let us start with understanding and respecting, or simply enjoying the English, while laughing along with the reasons why Everyone Hates The English…; or think they do. Being irritated or irked by certain persons is predominantly a personal feeling, which then builds over time and grows into the psyche of larger groups that share the same traditions, social and economic status. Hating something or someone means being highly peeved and greatly upset by them, such that it causes discontentment and makes one continuously unsatisfied by these things or persons. It is a marginal feeling that builds into an extreme angered state, a perpetual disgruntled condition. Everyone experiences this disappointed state of unfulfilled expectations for varied emotional, social, economic, political, cultural and religious reasons. As diverse as our reasons for hating others may appear to be, they all share two things in common. The majority of reasons people get offended and angered are personal to others and trivial to them. These are reasons enough to understand and respect others, or simply just to laugh at our reasons for hating others. But not summarily hate others because they are different or because we are just as different too. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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