everything in nigeria is going to kill you
By Fola Lawal

About this book

Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You is a collection of 32 narrative, expository and critical essays covering socio-political themes in modern Nigeria. In the words of the author: "The paradoxical lifestyle of the average Nigerian is the sum total of this book.... My relentless pursuit of an understanding of the survival abilities of the average Nigerian in a system that is definitely dysfunctional. Some of us complain, some of us protest, some of us go spiritual and still many others go material, and also a few of us turn to the arts for solace—we write, not to cure other people of madness, but to avoid going mad ourselves…" The essays are grouped into five parts distinguished by their styles and themes. Part 1, “Metaphysics”, deals with personal experiences and thoughts on the Nigerian life. The second part, “Satiric” are satirical writings on certain aspects of Nigerian socio-cultural interactions. Part 3, “Critique” contains a collection of protest-themed and pro-revolution essays. Part 4, “Civics” are analytic and semi-educative discourses around some controversial policies and legislation. The concluding Part 5, “Politics” focuses on critical views of the Jonathan federal administration. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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