eyes that see
By Idiareno Atimomo

About this book

This book represents a collection of articles written as I struggled to define my world view. It was May 2005, I was 23 years old, just resigned a job, in employment limbo for about 5 months and was at a loss of who I was, what my career should be and what my place in the world could be. I began ruminating on thoughts of the things I could do to influence the world. Inspired by an autobiography of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, I turned to the one thing I always knew I was good at: writing. I poured out my growing frustration and hope for redemption into an article I titled “If God had a field I could burn”. Since I knew I had no money to publish any literary work (my first book “War by Other Means” was still in the cooler unpublished) I decided to send the first article to all the friends I had via email and invite them to comment. “If God had a field I could burn” was a cry for help. I felt God had ignored me for too long and I needed him to take notice. This was the first article to go out and the responses came in fast and furious: it connected with the readers! There were so many cries for an encore that I knew I now had an audience. The challenge I faced was on what to write on next but then the inspiration kept coming. Download "Eyes That See" to see what happened next...with your own eyes... Idiareno Atimomo Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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