face me i face you
By Ikenna Igwe

About this book

Reviews For FACE ME I FACE YOU “…Face Me I Face You…was one heck of a read…Ikenna Igwe’s writing style is full of effortless humour and metaphors. I also love the way he describes the characters and settings, leaving your mind with enough information to build a vivid picture of its own…the stories and characters…are hilarious and intriguing…Ikenna Igwe has found a new fan in me…If the book ever came alive as a TV series, it would be a hit. Nonstop drama…I recommend this book.” – SALLY KENNETH DADZIE, story teller, blogger, and bestselling author of 'Stranger In Lagos' & 'The Fourth Finger.' “…This book will blow you away from start to finish. It will keep your attention, make you laugh, make you angry, make you frown in wonder, and then make you sigh because you find that you can relate to the experiences.” – KARO OFOROFUO, story writer, blogger, and author of 'Write Wife.' “Face Me I Face You is an emotive literary piece that reaches out and pulls you in – right from page one. All the features of good storytelling…are remarkably presented. This is an unforgettable debut novel.” – CHIDI OKOYE, Deputy Superintendent of Police and author of 'The Investigator.' Amid a serious financial crisis, young Emeka Egwu and his family are forcefully evicted, from their pleasant, self-contained residence, by the insidious son of their late landlord – who died under mysterious circumstances. They are compelled to move into a crowded and dirty Lagos tenement building apartment, where, over a seven-year period, they experience, first-hand, the horrendous incidents that define such appalling settings. One of the tenants, Mr. Ogundele – a terrible fellow, a man well-versed in the art of juju – has it in for the newcomers. Like a few tenants, he hates them innately because they are from a different tribe. He particularly despises Emeka because the boy refuses to venerate him…as well as others he believes are too amoral for his liking. Consequently, Mr. Ogundele craftily convinces other likeminded tenants to join forces with him as he executes a series of sinister plots against Emeka. There are fierce confrontations, faceless enemies, stunning betrayals, brazen infidelities, broken promises, and violent deaths – as Emeka and his family fight to keep from being torn apart by each storm that blows their way. Inspired by true events, FACE ME I FACE YOU is a story about the perseverance of the human spirit, in the face of sheer adversity, and will thrill readers from its first page to the last. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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