failed woman
By Tealson Taylor

About this book

Four friends—Rudy, Morgan, Alex and Ola, are desperately in search of love, peace of mind and stability. Though Ola, the least successful, quietly believed she was the failed woman of the group, she soon discovers that everyone has their fair share of mishap. First there is Rudy, prominent plastic surgeon, envied by many for her picturesque family—an attorney husband and two children. However, her marriage is anything but loving. Next is Morgan, cardiologist, married to a world-renowned surgeon. Their home, though filled with love still feels empty, a constant reminder of her inability to have children. Then there is Alex, CEO of a prestigious hospital, with a knack for collecting engagement rings, but yet to walk down the aisle. Saddled with two sons from different men and the notion that no one would ever want her baggage, she has settled into an abusive relationship. Last, but not the least, is Ola, who did not keep the group’s pledge of becoming doctors. She’d absconded instead to marry the love of her life, after which three children followed. But a floundering career leads her back to her friends when Rudy hires her as an assistant. This unideal situation, with her friend now turned boss, further aggravates her insecurities as she struggles to reclaim her place in the group. On the surface all will seem well until the charade they call friendship is tested, and things begin to unravel, leaving them all plagued with more doubts than achievements. Each woman will arrive at a crossroad where she must decide whether to throw in the towel or step up to the plate. Failed Woman is a novel about desire and loss. It is Tealson Taylor’s first book. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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