fame and luv 1
By Olu Balogun

About this book

A PHOTO NOVEL - Read and See the story... Shewa is a pretty girl from a humble background, finding her way through the university pretty easily until love happens and things start to get complicated... Aminu is a playboy from a rich background, bent on setting his mark on his city until he's hit with a bitter truth and then he begins to see what matters the most... Lumi is a smart guy from a middle class background, with high hopes of true love and justice in the world until his heart gets broken, and then his faith is questioned... Chi-Chi is a 'daddy's girl' who seems to have everything everyone wants but she doesn't feel that way. She carries deep fears and secrets of her own... They all collide with each other's lives, creating unforgettable romantic and dramatic scenarios. Part 2 & 3 now exclusive to Okada Books, at N500 each! Download the Okada Books app and search for: Fame And Luv. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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