fame and luv 3
By Olu Balogun

About this book

A PHOTO NOVEL - Read and See the story... Lumi tries searching for Sade, a girl he met at the beach party and fell in love with at first sight. Her friend, Halima, reaches out to him and lets him know Sade has been looking for him too... Lizzy tries to move on from Chike and that's when she meets Tega; a notorious player and fraudster. Her first impulse is to hate him but somehow he creeps up on her... Shewa is back with Aminu but she finds it hard to erase the memory of him cheating on her with Lizzy, especially since she has to deal with Lizzy everywhere she goes... They all collide with each other's lives, creating unforgettable romantic and dramatic scenarios. Guest starring: IK Osakioduwa and Gregory Ojefua. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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