fear to fall
By Fehintolu Adeleye

About this book

Lana, a high flier banker in Lagos with eyes set on becoming a Senior Manager before 30. Oscillating between placing her love for Bode in the back burner of her life due to fear, scepticism and career progression, and picking it up somewhere along the line only to lpainfully lose it as her family drama unfolds threatening the fabric of her identity. Drew, the heir to the Akande Empire who’s chosen not to work in his father’s business, falls for his pretty brown-eyed colleague who is oblivious to his feelings and unfortunately is back to her ex. Would these two find their way together through the hurdles thrown in their path to love? Would Drew defy all odds and make her realise he is the man for her? Would Lana let go of her fears and ideologies to see the love that has been in her face all along? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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