felicia - adult only (18+)
By Peter Nnajiofor

Felicia - Adult Only (18+)

Step into the world of Felicia, the boisterous young woman manning the coolers at her aunt’s food stand by the corner. Don’t be fooled by her innocent face and luxuriant hips – behind that apron is a deep, dark, shameful history. Hint no. 1: she’s something else in bed. You will meet Julia, and a little further down the road, you’ll also get to meet Anita. They’re both beautiful young women you’ll be tempted to fall for immediately. Warning no.1: don’t. Amidst the slow gentle seduction, through the food and restaurants, and the questions and mind blowing sex, look well and you begin to see a pattern emerge. Of use and abuse. Of love and betrayal. Hint no. 2: one of them has a bright future; the other, well you’ll have to see for yourself. A diary of romance, culture, drug abuse, betrayal, power failure, ambition, sex and psychosis. In three emotionally charged stories, discover what it means to be Nigerian in a world where everything is never as it seems.

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