feminine shades
By PabPub - Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

About this book

Do you like stories that display and showcase the strength of a woman? Feminine Shades depicts the heroism, super-power, and survivor traits subsumed in these seven tales. A young lady is trapped in an abusive marriage. A wife struggles to find her self-worth as a wife, mother, and career-woman. A widow tries to keep hope alive, and seeks a better tomorrow in the midst of hardships faced by herself and her children. An undergraduate wishes she could turn back the hands of time after a short affair leaves her life and future plans hanging in the balance. A spinster grapples with the changes she makes to her skin colour in her quest to find love and marriage. Two young girls from different races, ethnicity, and social class, have their paths cross, and begin a friendship that may make or mar them. A young lady rises up to her responsibilities as the first daughter in her family and gives her all. Feminine Shades will bring to your consciousness and draw a vivid picture of an average woman’s life in the context of love, self-worth, identity, friendship, and hope. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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