fifty shades of wisdom - my interaction with the wisest man that ever lived.
By Unity Ivongbe

About this book

In life, there’s really no such thing as a tough problem as much as there are problems that people don’t yet know how to solve. A door is only an obstacle when someone does not have the key of access, the moment you get the right key, access becomes instant and unrestrained. That’s how it is and how it has been. The thing is, the requirements have not changed: it takes wisdom to succeed on this side of existence and you and I will need to make the effort of acquiring all of the wisdom that we can, so as to have a successful experience on our individual journeys - in the areas of work, love and relationships, health, parenting, character, finance, esteem et cetera. This book – Fifty Shades of Wisdom, is a rich chest of wisdom keys and contains fifty life transforming lessons, gleaned from years of study of the man Solomon (and his proverbs) – the man who was adjudged to be the wisest that ever lived. Now, you have a copy in your hands, take another step: seek a quiet place, dive into the pages and allow the transformation begin. Make sure you also give a copy to those you love. Enjoy! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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