Fish Brain Madhouse
Title: Fish Brain Madhouse
Author: Sally Kenneth Dadzie
Category: Romance
Language: English
Price: ₦ 1000
No. of Words: 73527
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Downloads: 234
  • Romance
  • love
  • sex
  • Friendship
  • Family

Fish Brain Madhouse is a sequel to Fish Brain Clan and Fish Brain Games and Fish Brain Vows. Crazy takes on a different face in this volume as things spiral out of control for Amaka and her beau. Kyenpia finds herself on the verge of making a life commitment to one man while her heart is stuck on another. Fiyin still struggles with staying faithful in her relationship and Leonel bags the scum of the year award by an act of unfaithfulness. While some hearts break, some find love and healing. This concluding book gives closure to all your favorite characters in the Fish Brain Series.
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  • treasure777 i could'nt have enough of fish brain i was watching well sciprted hilarious series. Sally can write for Africa

    Reply Nov 17, 2016 1:13:40 PM
  • pharm.vickymears Love it I Love this book like crazy, My favourite couple of maxy and Jamie, I love kay, her story makes me cry and somhow makes me gives me a understanding with celebrities. I hope lanre will end up with Gina and fi will just grow up

    Reply Oct 9, 2016 11:58:45 AM
  • user16666 gbemmy I finally read this and am in awe of your talent sally as always. more inspirations. what about Ishi's and steph's story? #longthroatformore\n

    Reply Sep 1, 2016 10:53:27 PM
  • bibie It is only Sally book that can keep up till Ds time.. Even when I have to be at work as early as possible tomorrow and less than 3months old baby to nurse.. Weldone enjoyed every bit of it.

    Reply Aug 31, 2016 12:49:58 AM
  • Negho_Ayanbanjo_2491 Negho Ayanbanjo Sally words fail me.. U can write for Africa.. Ahan ahan!!!!???? I kept late nights for all dis book.God bless u and uplift U. Weldone.\n

    Reply Jun 21, 2016 1:01:52 PM