Flourishing in Drought: A Sure Solution to Economic Crisis - Adult Only (18+)
Title: Flourishing in Drought: A Sure Solution to Economic Crisis - Adult Only (18+)
Author: Sola Alabi
Category: Non-fiction
Language: English
Price: ₦ 250
No. of Words: 23653
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  • Flourishing during Famine
  • Making it
  • Success in Hard times

This book defines what a drought is, what causes the experience of drought, how you and I and our nation can flourish during this season of global drought…. It also relays practical examples of people, cities and nations in history that applied the principles taught in this book and consequently flourished in their year of drought. This book is practical, emotional, compassionate, spiritual and straight forward. The use of simple grammar makes it helpful and applicable to all classes of men. The book is written for whoever is seeking for way out of difficult times, adversity, economic recession, financial ridicule, spiritual famine, academic and professional frustration…. It’s also for those who want to stay flourishing; so their bloom might know no season. It speaks to individual, business executives, chief executive officers of companies, world leaders, kings, religious leaders and all other forms of rulers. My passion run through the pages of the book in these simple but compassionate expressions: “You can flourish in drought,” “Your life, home and nation can experience a dramatic positive change not minding what had happen in the past,” “Our nation can flourish in spite of the prevalent global economic meltdown,” and lots more. I wish you experiential turn around as you read.
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