following well: understand the followership principles that make
By Omokhai Imoukhuede Ph.D.

About this book

This book provides content that encourages a clear understanding of what good followership is, what it is not, why we need to engage in followership, and how to follow correctly. The book also expounds on this awareness and provides detailed and precise perspectives into the process of following well with tips on how to use this understanding for success in the different areas of life. This book provides a well thought out and holistic approach to followership studies utilizing Biblical principles and contemporary examples to reinforce how following well influences our commitments, especially within groups and organizations. In this book, you will find that following well is central to our discovery of God's purpose for our lives and is a fundamental principle for success . You will learn that if you are to follow the inner calls or promptings correctly, it must be accomplished by understanding the appropriate context and accepting God’s place as the source of our ultimate leading. You will also learn how to use discernment and some practical tips on selecting the best people, causes or ideals to follow. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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