for boys who went
By Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

About this book

Agarau ventures into the murky waters of social criticism with a unique insight into his thematic conceits. He weaves himself into his lines with such finesse that makes him not only empathic with his characters, but he shares their dreams, pains, and, may be, gain. His stylistic propensity is not only fluid but authentic, making his story rich and reaching. His choice of words is unapologetically genuine, making his subject matter real and connecting. Very few writers can seamlessly weave multiple themes with such depth of passion and engagement articulately without certain amount of intrusion as Agarau has done. This collection sets him apart as a poet whose voice will be heard many generations to come. — Funso Oris Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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